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Recent advances in webcast cameras and technology means that

anyone can who cannot come to your wedding can now simply logon as a virtual wedding guest and enjoy seeing you get married.

I have over 30 years of experience in the TV & video industry and have been involved in countless webcasts. Depending on the location I use a small, discreet but powerful video camera controlled remotely from a discreet distance to film your wedding service and speeches live to a private page on social media






Rates include photography, delivery of link to JPEG pictures 

July and August  90€ (£80) per hour on location, min 5 hours. 

Rest of the year 70€ (£60)per hour on location, min 5 hours..

I can also quote for and create a photo book.


The rate is the same as photography and includes live tansmission of your wedding service and speeches onto social media. If a reliable internet link is not available transmission of the recording takes place as soon as a reliable link becomes available. A copy of the recording is available for you to download at no extra cost.


For photo and video I charge kilometrage from and back to base at 0.36€ (30p) p/km.


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