What is a webcast wedding? 

A webcast wedding is the transmission of a live or recorded wedding service on a private webpage.

Simple to use

In two clicks your friends and family can be watching your special day from anywhere in the world


The use of a unique, one off weblink to a private page on social media means that only those invited can watch your service and noone else


A single technician with a small but powerful camera means there is minimal impact on your service. 

You have control

You decide who gets to watch the service, if they can leave comments, what will be filmed - you have control.

A simple process

A PDF invitation is sent out, this has a link. The friend or family member clicks on the link and arrives at a private webpage. On the day of the wedding they click on a second link on this webpage and arrive at webcast of the wedding.


The service is transmitted live and recorded - it remains available to view online for sometime after the wedding, again only with the private link.



Old church? No internet? No 4G? Not a problem. The service can normally be recorded and transmitted the same day. 

Equally if your wedding has several different elements in different locations (service in a church, speeches at the reception) this is not a problem.

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